Microblading: What Is It And What To Expect

With bold, beautiful, and bushy eyebrows being the latest beauty craze, it comes as no surprise that the permanent makeup procedure, known as microblading, has skyrocketed in popularity. Although microbladed eyebrows are becoming increasingly popular, many people are still wondering what to expect when getting this service done. In order to clear up any lingeringContinue Reading

13 Tips To Ensure A Flawless And Lasting Spray Tan

Whether you are wanting a way to bronze your skin without any sun exposure or looking to add some color to your current tanning regimen, spray tanning is an amazing way to give yourself a consistent and lasting glow. If you are new to spray tanning or just looking to perfect your spray tanning routine,Continue Reading

What Is A Lash Lift?

When discussing ways to enhance your natural lashes, most people think lash extensions and are your only option. Although lash extensions are undoubtedly a great way to give you instantly beautiful lashes, they can be expensive and require high maintenance. Additionally, as they begin to fall out, you have to continuously get refills to keepContinue Reading