About Me

Hi, I’m Emma and I create Health and Beauty content that’s trouble free and seamlessly on-brand.

You may have heard that ‘anyone can be a writer’, but I believe that my unique background gives me the expertise that your brand needs to drive traffic and connect you with your readers on a higher level.

Being a collegiate athlete and a long-time aquatics coach, my life has always revolved around fitness. After many years of competitive swimming and water polo, I continued my athletics career playing Division 1 water polo for The University of California, Irvine. Although my dream to play for the Olympic team was cut short by a major hip injury and other rising health issues, this trial in life furthered my passion for alternative health practices and fitness. Through my recovery, I found new ways to care for my body using both traditional, and alternative health methods.

After my recovery, I moved to Los Angeles to work as a personal assistant for Erica Kovitz, the owner and lead artist at EKBH Beauty. I was quickly thrown into the ever-expanding world of beauty in the heart of the beauty services capital of the world, Beverly Hills. As a major benefit of my job, I was trained and certified in all of the newest cosmetic treatments ranging from Fibroblast to Microneedling. These courses allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge about the wide variety of treatments that can be used for self-improvement and sparked my rising fascination with all things beauty.

I value your brand’s sucess and time and because of this, if I don’t believe that I am the best fit for the job, I will gladly re-direct you to a colleague who is. If you are ready to start receiving some incredible content for your business, I believe we would make a great team!

If you would love to check out more of my work take a look at my writing samples here!