Mistakes To Avoid When Signing Up For A Beauty Training

If you want to get certified in a new beauty treatment, you should avoid these costly mistakes when choosing your training course provider.

The beauty industry today is one of the fastest evolving environments on the market.

With the rise of social media apps creating an obsession with looking forever young, it comes as no surprise that customers are constantly searching for the newest beauty treatment that promises to turn back the clock. Since new treatments are hitting the market every day, beauticians are constantly working to attain the proper training and certifications to ensure that their salon offers the latest and greatest.

If you are a beautician you have probably realized that there are thousands of certification courses to chose from, so how do you know which course will be the best?

In this article, I will share the seven questions you must ask before signing up for a certification course. Asking the below questions before handing over your credit card to obtain a new certification ensures that you get the best training possible and avoid falling prey to inexperienced instructors.

Questions you need to ask before signing up for a beauty academy or training:

How long has the trainer been in the industry and how many clients have they worked on?

With each client that an artist works on they gain a better understanding of how the treatment reacts to a variety of skin types. Additionally, the more experience a trainer has, the more likely they are to have a long list of do’s and dont’s to share with you that can typically only be discovered through first-hand experience.

How many people have they taught?

In addition to seeing how many clients the trainer has performed this treatment on, it is also important to research how many trainings they have given in the past to show that they are not only experienced in what they are teaching but also how they are teaching it.

Do they have a gallery with 2+ years of experience?

Another important factor when choosing your training course is to check that the instructor has a gallery that is not only plentiful but one that demonstrates they have been doing this for multiple years.

Just because an instructor shows that they have worked on many clients, does not mean they are long practiced in performing this procedure.

For treatments that have not been on the market for 2+ years, it is important that the trainer has 2+ years of experience performing similar beauty treatments.

Do they have a successful business?

One easy way to tell the quality of training is to look at the instructor’s business as a whole. Does every aspect of their business thrive?

Ultimately, you are looking for a trainer to teach you a skill that is going to further and better your own business, so someone whose business outside of training is not thriving should not be teaching you how to grow yours!

Who did they learn from and when?

You are paying money to be certified in this new skill, so don’t be shy about asking for the trainer’s background.

To ensure that an instructor is not giving out certifications without having the proper background training themselves, ask for their credentials, when they were trained, and when they received a certificate themselves. This is also a quick way to see how long they have been practicing this procedure.

Are they trying to make a quick buck? Or are they the best of the best?

Signing up for training without doing your background research is dangerous since unfortunately, there are many inexperienced people out there who are only offering training to line their pockets.

Asking all seven questions before signing up for a course is a good way to weed out the trainers who are only in it for the money.

Do you admire their work?

Lastly, it is important to admire the work of the person you are learning from. Do your research, look at all of the instructor’s past work, and if you want to be giving your clients the same beautiful results that they are giving theirs, then it’s a good sign that they are the instructor you want to be learning from!

Professional training should look like the one below, extremely hands-on and focused on helping the students put their new knowledge into guided practice.

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I would like to give special thanks to the owner and lead beauty artist at EKBH Beauty for sitting down with me to share what customers should be looking for in a top-tier training course. You can browse the extensive list of beauty training certifications Erica offers here!

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