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13 Tips To Ensure A Flawless And Lasting Spray Tan

Whether you are wanting a way to bronze your skin without any sun exposure or looking to add some color to your current tanning regimen, spray tanning is an amazing way to give yourself a consistent and lasting glow. If you are new to spray tanning or just looking to perfect your spray tanning routine, these tips are a must to get the most out of each spray tanning session.

1. Exfoliate Before Your Spray Tan

Forgetting to exfoliate before your spray tan means that when your dead skin cells do come off, they are going to take your beautiful new tan with them! To avoid patchiness and ensure your spray tan is long-lasting, it is best to come to your spray tan appointment with fresh, exfoliated skin.

2. Shave/Wax The Night Before

If you plan on shaving or waxing around the time you receive your spray tan, it is crucial that you do this before your spray tan appointment.

Shaving and waxing actually remove a thin layer of skin and if done after your spray tan, you run the risk of removing your tan as well.

3. Pre-tan

Of course, if you spray tan in order to avoid sun exposure then you will want to skip this step. If you receive spray tans to enhance your color, it is ideal to get some sun before your spray tan. It is very important to remember that tanning before a spray tan does not mean letting your skin burn! The closer your base tan is to your spray tan shade at the time of your tan, the more natural the fading will appear when your spray tan starts to wear off.

Some tanning salons offer package deals where you can lay in a tanning bed for one session right before they apply your spray tan. Warming the skin and getting your blood flowing before applying your tanning solution can also help the skin absorb the tanning solution better.

4. Moisturize! Before and After

Keeping your skin moisturized the week before your spray tan will help the tanning solution absorb evenly. Going into a spray tan appointment with dry skin will cause patchiness and uneven results. Just make sure to forgo or wipe off the lotion right before getting sprayed!

Even though you don’t want to apply lotion before your first shower while your solution is developing (usually 8–20 hours after your spray), you do want to make sure you keep your skin moisturized after your first shower to lock in the color and prevent flaking.

5. Apply Baby Powder to Sweat-Prone Areas

Sweating while your spray tan is setting can cause streaking and lead to an uneven tan. So if you know yourself and know that you are definitely going to sweat in certain areas, such as your underarms, before your first shower, apply baby powder lightly to those areas before getting dressed to help keep the solution set in place.

Just be very careful while applying the powder! As a spray tan artist myself, there is nothing worse than getting ready to prep for the next client and walking into a room coated wall to wall in baby powder.

6. Wear Loose Fitted Clothing

This is an important one. Wearing the wrong clothes after your spray tan can cause creasing, lines, and smudges. If you’re coming straight to the appointment from work or an event that you needed to dress up for, just make sure you bring a change of loose clothing to wear afterward.

7. Avoid Water& Sweating at All Cost Before Your First Shower!

Water is the enemy! Contact with water while your spray tan is developing will cause the solution in those areas to wash off too early and leave you with streaking. If you have a hard time avoiding water (yes this includes sweating and crying too) try making an appointment with a salon that offers an express solution that only needs to be kept on for 1–3 hours before rinsing.

8. Take Only A ‘Bird Bath’ For Your First Shower

The first shower you take after getting a spray tan should be with lukewarm water and without any soaps or shaving. This no soap rule includes shampoo and conditioner, so if you need your hair to be done right after rinsing your spray tan, it is recommended that you only rinse your hair with water or style it beforehand and avoid getting it wet during your first shower.

9. Avoid Any Oil Based Soaps

When trying to maintain the longevity of your spray tan, you want to make sure that you avoid any oil-based soaps and lotion products because they will strip you of your tan. A common example of a very heavy oil-based product would be any Dove soap or lotion. To get your money’s worth out of your spray tan, it is best to use soaps and lotions that are specially formulated for maintaining a spray tan. I recommend Norvell Post Sunless PH Balancing Cleanser and Norvell Post Sunless Skin Repairing Body Butter.

10. Avoid Swimming Pools, Salt Water and Taking Long Hot Baths

This one can be a tough one if you are getting a spray tan to look good on your tropical vacation, but the reality is that soaking the skin for long periods of time in harsh conditions can strip the tan from your skin. If you plan to swim or soak with your spray tan, it’s best to use gradual tanning products throughout your vacation to help balance the color you will lose from swimming.

11. Avoid Using Toners or Products With High Alcohol Content

Toners, face washes, and other products containing alcohol will strip your skin and fade your tan. This is often why people notice the spray tan on their face fading faster than the rest of their body. Before applying your favorite skincare products, check the ingredients list to make sure they are safe to use on your spray tan.

12. Don’t Forgo Sunscreen After Your Spraytan

A lot of people forget that getting a spray tan does not mean that your skin uA lot of people forget that getting a spray tan does not mean that your skin underneath that tan is any more protected from the sun than it was before. Forgetting to apply sunscreen before getting some sun could result in burnt and peeling skin, resulting in a splotchy spray tan.

13. Use A Gradual Tanner To Maintain Your Tan As It Fades

As wonderful as spray tans are, all good things must come to an end, and eventually, your tan will start to wear off. If you are leaving for a long trip and want to keep your tan glowing the entire time, one of the best options is to use a gradual self-tanner as your spray tan starts to fade.

In general, having a gradual self-tanner on hand is also really great for people who have areas of their body that tend to fade faster (such as the hands and face). I personally recommend Norvell Venetian Sunless CC Tanning Color Extender Moisturizing Lotion. For more instant results, I recommend Norvell Venetian Sunless Self-Tanning Mousse with Bronzer.

What Tricks Do You Live By To Ensure The Perfect Spray Tan? Comment And Share With Me Below!

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2 comments on “13 Tips To Ensure A Flawless And Lasting Spray Tan

  1. Why is the skin so so dry after the spray tan?
    Can you recommend a good moisturizer?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! So a lot of spray tan formulas actually contain alcohol that helps them to be thin enough to apply as a mist while still drying fast enough to minimize mess. I would recommend applying moisturizer regularly with a spray tan starting right after your first shower since the application. Making sure your skin is super hydrated during the days leading up to your spray tan can help too! I highly recommend Norvell’s sunless products like this one- !


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