What Is A Lash Lift?

When discussing ways to enhance your natural lashes, most people think lash extensions and are your only option. Although lash extensions are undoubtedly a great way to give you instantly beautiful lashes, they can be expensive and require high maintenance. Additionally, as they begin to fall out, you have to continuously get refills to keep them looking good.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ when it comes to lash enhancement. A lesser-known, but widely available beauty treatment is the option to get a lash lift. Lash lifts are a lower cost and lower maintenance option for customers who are looking to enhance their natural lashes but aren’t wanting to use lash extensions.

In order to learn everything there is to know about lash lifts, I went to the lash lift queen herself, @mollywoodbeauty of Beverly Hills. Lash artist Molly walked me step by step through the lash lift process and gave extensive details on the lash service that you won’t be able to give up once you’ve tried it.

What Is The Difference Between A Lash Lift And Lash Extensions?

Lash Extensions consist of some form of ‘mock’ lashes being applied to your natural lashes with glue to make them look fuller and longer.

Instead of adding mock lashes, A lash lift treatment is applied to your natural lashes to darken, lengthen, and curl them. Essentially, a lash lift gives your natural lashes the appearance of being curled and coated in mascara in their natural state.

What Is Being Applied To My Lashes During A Lash Lift?

During a lash lift, the beautician will apply a chemical treatment to your lashes that helps to lift, darken, and curl your lashes. A rounded form is placed on top of your eyelids at the beginning of the process to help your lashes curl(see pictures below), followed by a deep conditioning treatment to strengthen and nourish the lashes.

Is The Lash Lift Process Different At Every Salon or Universal?

The process of performing a lash lift does not change too much between salons, but the experience of your beautician and the quality of products used during your lash lift does. Just keep in mind that a cheaper lash lift most likely means that they are using cheaper products on your lashes and your beautician may not be as experienced!

How Long Do The Effects Of A Lash Lift Last?

A lash lift lasts the duration of your natural lash cycle, which for most people is about 8 weeks.

Is There Pre-Care Before I Get It Done?

There is no pre-care before you receive a lash lift but it is best to come to the appointment with no mascara or any other eye makeup on.

What Is The Aftercare?

The only aftercare for this treatment is during the first 48 hours after you receive your lash lift while your lashes are still setting. For 48 hours after the treatment, you want to avoid water, steamy showers, and eye makeup. Your beautician should also give you a clean mascara wand to comb your lashes with during that first 48 hours to ensure they set nicely.

After the first 48 hours you are free to enjoy yourself with a good swim, cry, night out with makeup on, etc!

Can I Wear Mascara On Top Of My Lash Lift?

It is not advised to wear mascara during that first 48 hours after the lash lift because you will have to then take off that mascara and you want to avoid washing/scrubbing your lashes during that time.

After 48 hours, you are able to wear mascara, but most customers opt-out of using mascara after a lash lift since the lash lift already gives the appearance of wearing mascara.

The Process:

Your eyes are cleansed (my favorite part, it was so relaxing!). Shields are then applied under your eyes and a curl forming shield is placed on top of your eyelids.

Eyelashes are carefully separated and placed against the form where they sit with a curling solution to help set them into shape. You can see where Molly is setting my lashes against the form on the right compared to my lashes on the left that have not yet been touched.

The beautician then applies a deep conditioning treatment to the lashes to lock in moisture and maintain the health of the lash.

Lastly, the shields are removed and your new and improved lashes are revealed- Ta-Da!

As a swimmer, surfer, and fan of a good crying sesh, lash lifts have been the perfect beauty treatment that fits perfectly into my lifestyle. If you are looking for lower maintenance and more natural-appearing lash enhancement, lash lifts are the way to go!

*This article does not include any affiliate links. All links are to give credit to the artist who performed the service. This article is an honest review that was written in trade for the services reported upon.*

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