Sounds crazy right? Hi, I’m Emma, a specialist in health and beauty writing and I am here to let you in on a little secret.

Although high quality and consistent written content is key to a business’s growth and success, spending countless hours trying to produce it on your own wastes valuable time and can result in low-quality material that poorly represents your brand.

When you use a third party for your content creation, such as myself, it allows you the time to focus on more important tasks while still ensuring that your business is represented by consistent quality work.

Are you ready to free up time in your work schedule and help your business grow? 


As a Division 1 water polo athlete and athletics coach for over 8 years, health has been an incredibly important part of my life. I am passionate about how we can nourish our bodies in all aspects of our life whether it be fitness, mental health, or engaging in natural and alternative health practices.


While training under Beverly Hills’ top Microblading artist and owner of EKBH Beauty, I was taught about everything beauty, from why it is important to wear a daily face sunscreen to procedures like needle-free lip injections. This experience sparked a new fascination with all forms of self-care and inspired me to share my knowledge of the ever-changing world of beauty.

Blog Posts

My passion for blogging started at an early age when I created my own lifestyle blog. After later being approached to create blog content for other creators and business owners, I found myself not being able to stop! After years of creating blog posts for other businesses, I was able to master matching my tone of writing to reflect the company’s already existing tone, so new content will never feel out of place.

Outsourcing some of my content creation to Emma allowed me the extra time I needed to focus on the other areas of my business that were needing the time and attention that was previously taken up by writing and researching’

Meghan Mugg, FNTP and owner of Renovating Health

Let me take some of the weight off of your shoulders.